Nike Lebron 12’s

Cam Hot X

Nike Lebron 12s have been highly praised for the performance value that they have to offer. In this overview, we’re going to take a look at how it stands up as far as traction, support, ventilation, fit and materials go.

As far as traction goes, between the 10s to the 12s, the 10s offered the best traction. However, the 11s did not offer as good of a traction as the Nike Lebron 12s did. However, in the same breath, you’ll need to watch out for dust as well as to wipe them down after each and every use in order for you to maintain an adequate amount of traction. The rubber that the shoes consist of at the bottom portion of it, is pretty grippy to say the least which aids in it’s pattern. However, if the company went with an exterior pattern which resembled shattered glass, then maybe they would have topped the 10s in the traction department.

While the shoes does consist of mesh to offer some degree of ventilation, it feels as if it’s blocked by another material. Regardless if it may be layers of nylon, or mega fuse, air flow did feel somewhat restricted. However, regardless of this fact, the shoes themselves felt very comfortable and I felt that my feet did receive an adequate amount of ventilation.

Based on the fact that this is a mesh shoe, the support that it offered regardless was pretty substantial. Interestingly enough though, even though the shoes consist of various support features, it did not feel restricted at all in retrospect to this department.

Many athletes have complained that some shoes do not fit true to size. The same thing can’t be said about the 12s. They really do fit nice on-foot and they also fit true to size. I typically wear a size 9 1/2 and i was able to tell that there was a small amount of space within the shoe once it was laced up, but I did not experience any slipping internally. As such, I think these will be able to accommodate people who have wider foot shapes, unlike the 11s. However, in the same breath I did not like the lacing system. This is not to say that the lacing system doesn’t work – in fact it works great – the problem I experienced is that they were pretty difficult to lace tightly and I hurt my fingers as I tried to yank the laces through the mega fuse eyelets.

The materials that the Nike Lebron 12s consist of were on par to what you would expect. Mega Fuse is used along the mesh upper as well as TPU strands which have been woven throughout it. This allowed the shoes to be supportive, yet not restrictive. You can tell that there is a very good balance of Fuse and mesh as well. In addition to that, the posite material was a nice addition as well. You could tell that the material was helping to support your feet, for each movement that you make, but it didn’t feel as if it was bothering me.